total online protection critical power equipment


Total Online Protection is committed to protecting the environment. Specializing in providing asset recovery, recycling and disposal solutions for companies that have technology investments that have reached the end of their service life or no longer fit the needs of the company. Total Online Protection performs all aspects of the removal process so you don’t have to. All equipment will be reused or properly disposed of.

Cost Saving

Total Online Protection provides cost saving, turn-key solutions for your equipment removal projects. Our technicians handle the electrical disconnection, proper removal, transportation, recycling and/or disposal of the equipment. Our technicians conduct a site survey, and work with you to plan the de-installation. This “site survey” insures that all precautions are taken into consideration to ensure safe and secure conditions are maintained throughout the duration of the project.


Total Online Protection offers a variety of options, all of which are aimed at providing you with the most efficient way to dispose of your surplus electronic equipment, without disrupting power flow to your mission critical equipment.

Total Online Protection Critical Power Equipment Recycling Services

Our technicians will disconnect, uninstall and remove your Critical Power Equipment including UPS/DC Power Equipment and associated flooded or VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries. This will be accomplished with no interruptions to your critical loads (or revenue). We will recycle your UPS/DC equipment for re-usable parts and then separate the metals for proper recycling. In cases where the UPS/DC equipment is usable or repairable, technicians would refurbish the system and make it available for re-use. In addition, Total Online Protection provides the proper recycling certificates to document the proper disposal of your batteries.