Automatic Transfer Switch

An ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) unit is a critical component in emergency power applications. The purpose of an ATS is to monitor and sense a loss of utility power while initiating a signal to the generator to start and run. In a matter of seconds, the ATS will transfer power from a dead utility bus to generator providing power to the load. Many applications require one or more ATS units to ensure critical loads receive power in a timely manner.

Total Online Protection offers ATS maintenance & sales. Total Online Protection will help determine which application best suits your unique requirements. We will install the unit(s) and perform the essential maintenance to ensure optimal performance of your ATS.

Generator Automated Transfer Switch

Generators are an integral part of any Critical Power System. When utility power fails, generators provide the power necessary to maintain your equipment “up-time”. Routine maintenance is essential to ensure your generator will perform when needed. Regular oil & filter changes, refueling, air cleaner inspection and anti-freeze checks are vital to sound operation. Total Online Protection can perform the necessary maintenance & repair of your Generator. Total Online Protection also provides Generator Sales. We can provide the Generator you need to fully protect your critical facility. Total Online Protection will help you choose the appropriate Standby Power Solution, install and maintain it for the duration of its operational lifecycle.

Electrical & Thermography

Total Online Protection understands the needs for your mission critical facility and that you cannot depend on utility power alone. We will analyze your power requirements and provide you with a solution that meets your needs and budget. Total Online Protection can perform electrical services ranging from installing power whips to your PDU’s to installing your UPS. Give us a call for a competitive quote.

Total Online Protection can thermal scan your critical power equipment to help identify potential electrical problems before they fail, potentially catch fire and cause facility damage, personnel injury and/or production loss. Infrared thermography can be very important to prevent otherwise undetectable maintenance problems in electrical panels, breakers, fuses, connections, transformers, UPS and DC equipment. Total Online Protection will prepare a formal report detailing the problem showing a visual image and recommend solutions to correct the issue.

Cable Distribution