Batteries are an integral component of critical power equipment such as Uninterruptible Power Systems, DC Power Plants and Emergency Generators. Batteries are the weakest leak in any critical power system. A battery failure will prevent these critical systems from functioning properly during a power disturbance.

UPS & Lighting Inverter battery life expectancy is normally 3-5 years. Discharge cycles and environmental conditions are major factors that determine battery life. More than 80% of all UPS outages are caused by battery failures. Battery systems are typically connected in a series configuration. Should there be an open battery cell, loose cable connection or other open circuit condition the entire battery system will not be able to perform. The failure of one open cell can cause a load loss. This will result in loss of business operations, productivity and revenue. Routine battery maintenance is essential for reliable power availability. If you don’t have generator backup, consider a redundant battery solution, which will increase run time and add an additional layer of protection.

Total Online Protection has experienced, factory trained technicians that perform the essential maintenance on your VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) and flooded battery cells. Coupled with specialized battery test equipment, Total Online Protection can detect developing cell or module problems before they cause full system failure.

Without generator backup power, it is critical to know your actual battery run time. Load testing is the most reliable evaluation of a battery’s performance. Total Online Protection offers single cell and full string load testing.

Total Online Protection Batteries
Neglected and/or improperly maintained batteries can not only cause a load loss, but can actually catch fire, causing damage to equipment and/or personnel. Regularly scheduled maintenance allows our customers to be proactive and catch potential issues BEFORE they turn into major, expensive problems. These absolutely destroyed batteries (fire) caused enough damage to the lighting inverter they were connected to, that it had to be replaced.

High Rate Batteries

  • Solar Batteries
  • Front Terminal
  • Deep Cycle
  • General Series
  • Gel Series

Full Battery Replacement

  • Installation
  • Removal
  • Disposal

Battery Testing

  • String Load Bank Testing*
  • Single Cell Load Testing*
  • Midtronics Test Set
  • Thermal Scan

* Load Testing is the only true test of battery performance